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Our Lord Jesus of the Stone Sanctuary

Inaugurated in 1747, this sanctuary is one of the most interesting Baroque buildings in Portugal, mainly due to its hexagonal shape. It was commissioned by King Joao V in memory of the accident from which he escaped from, by evoking Our Lord Jesus of the Stone. The trace of this construction work is of the responsibility of the Architect Captain Rodrigo Franco (of the Mitra Patriarchal).

Just a few meters away there had existed a small chapel, meanwhile destroyed, that housed a Paleo-Christian cross. The cross can be found on the main altar of the Sanctuary. Its interior presents three chapels: the chancel dedicated to the Calvary with a painting by André Gonçalves; the side chapels dedicated to Our Lady of Conception; and the Death of S. Joseph with paintings from José da Costa Negreiros. The peculiar stone image of the Crucified Christ, also in the chancel was, until the inauguration of the Sanctuary, sheltered in a small hermit next to the road that went in direction to Caldas da Rainha where it was object of great devotion, especially by King Joao V.