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Our Lady of Carmel  

Located outside the castle walls, facing west, its origin is lost in time. Legend has it that this was a Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter. There existed various stones with Roman Inscriptions. It was the Parish centre of St. John the Baptist (of Mocharro) until 1636 because at that time it was transferred to the ancient chapel of St. Vincent (of the leprous) in the southern entrance of the town. After that date, it became dedicated to Our Lady of Carmel. It was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. Its current appearance is the result of restoration works that took place in the mid 20th century by the Direcção dos Edificios e Monumentos Nacionais. The old image of the patron saint, St. John the Baptist, is a notable sculpture from the mid 15th century, probably coming from Coimbra. Today, this sculpture is found in the Municipal Museum. In the exterior, next to the presbytery, the medieval bell tower was built.