Obidos Turismo

St. James’ Church

Commissioned by King Sancho I, in 1186, it originally had three naves and the entrance faced west. This entrance communicated directly with the inside of the castle. It was the church used by the royal family when they stayed in Óbidos. It was decorated with various works of art, in which the Queen’s Gallery stands out (Gothic carving). This church was completely destroyed with the 1755 earthquake and rebuilt in 1772 with its façade facing the Main Street and the main altar facing north. It had in its main altar a painting representing St. James Major, mannerist painting on oak wood by an unknown author from the second half of the 16th century – Luís de Morales? (Sérgio Gorjão, 2000). It was probably the first primitive retable nowadays exhibited at the Municipal Museum.
Recently adapted to become an interesting Bookshop with an original wooden structure.