Obidos Turismo

St. Martin’s Chapel

Pero Fernandes created this chapel in 1331. It was a private tomb chapel of the Lords of Pó. It belonged to the Lafetá family until 1913 and, in 1998, was bought from the Viscount of Sacavem by the municipal government. 

At the entrance, one can admire two magnificent stone sculptures from the 15th century, representing the Virgin of Maternity and the Angel Gabriel. 

Its pointed arch (ogive) is developed in three archivolts, on beautiful columns of carved capitels. 

Outside the chapel we can see two tombs that were taken from the inside during the French Invasions. Close to Óbidos, in Roliça, a battle took place on August 17th, 1808, and was considered one of the first defeats of Junot Napoleon.

Around that time some relics of Óbidos were also stolen.