Obidos Turismo

Useful Information

Where can I find more information on Óbidos?
All information is generally available at the Tourist Office, located just outside the main entrance, next to the main parking lot. You may contact our staff directly at 

How can I book a guided tour?
To book a guided tour (groups + 20 pax), please contact our Tourist Office, by e-mail, including the following information: day, time, number of people and language. Only after receiving confirmation by our services is the tour confirmed. Prices range from €2,50 (weekdays). Minimum 20 people only for the group that booked it.

When is the best day to visit Óbidos during an event (Medieval Fair, International Chocolate Festival, Óbidos Christmas Town)?
The best time to visit these events is during the weekdays so you can calmly enjoy the event. Always check schedules and opening hours of each event beforehand.

Do the Hotels inside the historic town have parking spaces?
Visitors staying in a hotel inside the historic town can only enter with their cars to drop off luggage, (document of the hotel needed). All cars must be parked outside the historic centre.  

Do the Parking Lots have an hourly fee?
The two paved parking lots next to the Tourist Office cost are paid parkings (see prices localy). All other available parking lots are free of charge, except some of them, the one nearby the Aqueduc under the management of the Firemen Department.

Can I freely drive my car inside the historic town?
No. Car circulation is only allowed for local inhabitants and visitors staying in hotels inside the historic town for luggage drop of (with a sticker).

Can I visit the castle?
No. You may not visit the inside of the castle because it is currently a hotel. It was opened in the 1950’s and was the first Portuguese Pousada (State Inn) in a historic building. However, you may visit the Garden and Terrace. 

Will I be charged to visit Óbidos?
No. There is no fee to visit the town of Óbidos. 

Can I walk on the castle walls?
Yes, you may walk on the castle walls (also free of charge). Walking on the walls requires attention for it is somewhat dangerous. The walls are about 1,5km and takes around two hours to walk.

Where can I eat?
Click here for a complete list of Restaurants and Snack Bars in Óbidos.

Where can I sleep?
Click here for a complete list of Hotels in Óbidos.

Are there any Camping Sites in the Municipality?
The Municipality of Óbidos has no Camping Sites. There are however, some camp sites in the region. Click here for further information.   

Are there any picnic areas in the municipality?
Click here for more information.