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Lagoon of Óbidos  

The Lagoon of Óbidos is the most extensive lagunar system in the coast of Portugal. It has an approximate area of 6.9 square kilometres and an average depth of two meters, with a quota that goes from half a meter to five meters. 

The Lagoon of Óbidos extends through two branches: Braço do Bom Sucesso towards West, and the Braço da Barrosa facing East. It also borders the municipality of Caldas da Rainha (North) with the Parish Councils of Foz do Arelho and Nadadouro, and the municipality of Óbidos (South) with the Parish Councils of Vau and Saint Maria.

It has a maximum length of 6 kilometres and a width that varies from 1 and 1,5 km, with a NW-SW orientation. The Lagoon was actually much larger having reached, in earlier times, the Castle walls of Óbidos.

The natural tendency of the Lagoon of Óbidos is to close its connection to the sea, become a swamp and eventually disappear. Also, with the human presence, silting has increased mainly due to the constant changes that have occurred in the lagoon and which have lead to the accumulation large sediment deposits.  However, the population has tried to invert the situation by intervening through dredging, increasing the profundity of the lagoon.

Companies that organize activities in the Lagoon:

Rua dos Reivais, nº 40
2500 – 606 Foz do Arelho
Tel./ Fax. 262 978 592

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Rua das Arigueiras, nº 2L
2510 - 772 Usseira
Portable: 916 697 870
Contact: Jason Pereira 
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